A Walk Down Memory Lane (Mindy)

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Re: A Walk Down Memory Lane (Mindy)

Postby Mindy » Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:51 pm

Lexi forced a smile onto her face when she saw Liam. She should enjoy her few minutes with him; after today she wasn’t sure how much time she was actually going to get with him. Even if they were open about it, Lexi just knew Mindy would do everything possible to ruin things between the unlikely pair. “I’m fine, Liam. Today just didn’t go as I hoped it would.” The butterflies in her stomach kicked up with his kiss. It was the little things that made her happiest. Her smile became slightly more real. Her smile grew even wider with his words until she heard him say he wanted to keep the two hidden. It made sense, but she wasn’t sure how long that would work. She’d have to come up with a plan to keep Mindy from finding out the truth.

“I don’t know how easy it’s going to be to keep this hidden, Liam.” She paused for a moment, playing with the tips of her hair. It was a nervous habit she had picked up long ago. “Min and Cole heard you tell me to meet me here. Mindy kind of imploded. She’s barely doing more than glaring at me. Cole is usually the quietest of us, but even he was being evasive.” She leaned into Liam, wrapping her arms around him. Having Mindy mad at her was bad enough because of how close they were, but Mindy had this magical way of making everything else miserable for Lexi without trying once she was angry. Lexi wasn’t sure how much she could handle. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out how to keep Mindy from exploding. She wasn’t too worried about Cole; no matter what she did, he bounced back from it quick enough. His friendship with the girls’ was too strong. She pulled away from him, thinking hard.

“If we keep this a secret, I’m going to have to come up with something to tell my friends. Any ideas? Your friends don’t know, right? I don’t know if I can handle a war between our friends because of this.” Lexi wasn’t entirely sure if a relationship was worth that. There was already so much trouble between the two groups; there had been since the day Mindy had met Jason as first years. “Maybe I can say I ended it with you? I’m not very good with lying to Mindy,” she trailed on. This was far too complicated. Why was it complicated like this? Shouldn’t it be simpler? Lexi wished for nothing more than to be back in the summer with things were easier and she didn’t have to worry about the judgment of her friends. Lexi frowned, another problem occurring to her. This was becoming incredibly frustrating for Lexi. “I don’t know how often I’ll be able to sneak away. Mindy is going to be on alert for a while.” She could always tell the truth and let Mindy have her fit for a while, but she wasn’t sure how long Mindy would keep her mouth shut about the entire situation. If Liam wanted to hide this from his friends, then she would have to lie to her own. Perhaps it would all work out. Of course, if her friends found out she was lying, she wasn’t entirely sure what the outcome would be, nor was she sure she wanted to chance finding out. Lexi was working herself up with her thoughts, fighting off the tears now more than ever; she didn’t want Liam to see her cry.

Mindy had shown up before Liam had. She wasn’t sure what she had expected to see unfold, but a Slytherin being nice to Lexi was not in her thought process. She had lumped the entire group into the same category as Jason and left it at that. It might have been poor judgment, but Mindy didn’t really care. Liam was friends with Jason so one couldn’t be much different from the other. The brunette was slightly started when she heard a voice much closer to her than Lexi and Liam. Focusing her eyes, she found it was another Slytherin. Naturally, she couldn’t escape them no matter what she tried. It was as if the fates had it out for her tonight. Which one was this? Mindy had to think for a second on his name, Max. At least it wasn’t Jason himself. He had to send a lackey to do his work for him. Perhaps he didn’t know about this late night meeting.

She paused at his words, losing focus on what Lexi and Liam were saying. Rolling her eyes, she nodded. “Guess that means you won’t be mentioning me being here either then.” It would be best that way. Telling people she ran into the Slytherin here wouldn’t do her any good anyway. She wasn’t planning on letting Lexi know she had heard anything until she knew what she was going to do. Naturally, she had to end this nonsense, but she wasn’t sure how to go about that. A brief thought crossed her mind to enlist Max to help her, but she wouldn’t stoop that low. Fixing Lexi’s mistake wasn’t worth going that far. She could come up with something on her own.

Mindy ignored Max and went back to listening in on the conversation. She had already missed a lot and didn’t want to miss more. Hearing Lexi’s words, Mindy felt herself inwardly cringe. Was she that awful of a friend that Lexi had to come up with lies about her relationships? Liam must have corrupted her to lie to her own friends. Mindy stopped listening for a bit, thinking to herself. If she really wanted to admit it to herself, Mindy could see why Lexi was planning on keeping this secret. Mindy was the one hidden in the shadows, eavesdropping on all of this and plotting.

Her focus went back on Max. What was he planning? Mindy wasn’t even sure where to begin planning splitting these up. She didn’t want to hurt Lexi, just correct her error in judgment. “I don’t know what you’re up to,” she whispered. “But I will declare war if you hurt Lexi in anyway.” She didn’t trust the Slytherin to split the two up without hurting Lexi, if there was even a way to go about splitting the two up without hurting the blonde girl. Mindy felt better working that out without having to worry about what the Slytherin was up to. If he knew about all of this, then perhaps the rest of the Slytherins knew as well. That left too many variables for Mindy to deal with, not that she was able to take on that many Slytherins at once anyway.

Back in the Gryffindor common room, Cole sat in the same overstuffed chair from earlier. Retiring to bed hadn’t done him any good, so he had decided to see how both the girls were holding up. He had gotten another fifth year girl, Katarina, to go check on Lexi and Mindy. Kat had come back down saying neither of them were there. He had expected Lexi to still be out, but he hadn’t thought that Mindy would go chasing after her. It worried him; nothing good would come from that. If Lexi didn’t know Mindy was there, then Cole thought it was best not to bring any attention to it for the time being. He was too drained to do damage control. Instead, he decided to go back into his room and wait for the storm of the morning. Fifth year was starting to prove that it would be much more drama filled than the past four years combined.
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Re: A Walk Down Memory Lane (Mindy)

Postby Brian » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:02 am

"What in the bloody hell could be keeping Liam out this late?" Jason thought to himself while he laid in his bed. He wasn't necessarily the type to get all mushy and ask about each others feelings but Liam did mean something to him and he just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. He wasn't used to Liam being so distant from him. He had noticed Liam being all buddy to buddy with Max, which was perfectly fine. Jason liked Max but sometimes he felt like Max was intimidated by him. Which confused Jason slightly because Jason didn't find himself to be an intimidating person. Well, maybe he was but that was just his demeanor and he didn't mean anything by it. When Max first started coming around Jason didn't really pay him any close attention because he didn't think Max brought anything valuable to the group. Jason thought he was a tag-a-long, a misfit, and somewhat pathetic. All of that might of been true during their first year but as Max matured, Jason's view of Max changed drastically. Max was a good friend and by "good friend" he would pretty much do anything Jason asked of him. He was a good lackey, a great right-hand man. Even though he was closer to Liam, Jason knew Max would jump through a ring of fire for him. While Liam was Jason's best friend, Jason knew he couldn't control Liam the way he could Max. Time had past, and it looked like Liam wasn't coming back anytime soon. It was time for Jason to turn in. He figured he would do his questioning in the morning.

"Mindy and Cole heard me?" Liam repeated, his eyes wide. He was completely shocked but then again he realized he probably shouldn't have been. When he asked Lexi to meet him on the third floor he was completely flustered. Too many things were going on at once. He grew uneasy and anxious. "Do you think they're on to you? Like do you think they think there is something more going on between us? Or did they try to interrogate you before you came to meet me?" Liam asked, trying to hide the panic racing through his mind. If the Gryffindors were onto him then Jason, Marissa, and Max wouldn't be too far behind. "Well, if they think something is going on feel free to dispute it and act like it doesn't exist. Even though it might hurt, we're going to have to find a way to hide this. If we pass each other in the halls and we're with our group of friends just act like we don't know each other." Was all this really worth it? Did Liam really like Lexi this much to go beyond the Gryffindor/Slytherin boundary? This type of relationship was strictly forbidden and Liam knew it. "I hear ya on Mindy, if Jason ever found out I was dating a Gryffindor he would probably kill me." Liam suddenly remembered he had to meet Jason. He was surprised Jason wanted to speak with him to begin with but realized he needed to make it back to his friend. He felt like his meeting with Lexi was incomplete. "We need to start meeting several times a week. Maybe we can even go to Hogsmeade with each other this weekend?" Liam asked. "I need to head back to the dormitories though. Everyone thinks I went to go pick up some mail." Liam kissed Lexi one last time this time on the lips and then started making his way back to the Slytherin Common Room.

One thing Max absolutely hated was Gryffindor attitude. He might get pushed around a little bit by the Slytherin crowd but Max definitely felt like he was above the Gryffindors. He was becoming a little agitated. Max had never really dealt with Mindy before. He knew she was not Jason's favorite person. Max remembered on the very first day of school during his first year Mindy blew up a Potion in Jason's face and he was furious. He was little confused on why Mindy thought he was going to hurt Lexi. "Why on earth would I be out to hurt Lexi? I would prefer it if Liam would stay away from her. She seems to weak and well, Liam could do better..." Max said, automatically thinking of himself. So what? He was stroking his ego a bit. "I've known about this little romance since the summer, by the way. However, Liam has yet to tell me." Max continued. Why was he divulging so much information? He didn't want to betray Liam any further so he decided it was best if he kept quiet.

Max turned around and saw Liam give Lexi her goodbye kiss. It made him sick to his stomach. He grimaced and turned around to face Mindy trying his best to hide his facial expressions of disapproval. He was surprised Mindy didn't realize that he was upset prior to their encounter. "Well, it looks like everything here is done. I trust that you and I keep this meeting confidential. If word gets out it could ruin both Lexi and Liam's reputation and we wouldn't want that would we?" Max asked, trying to remain as loyal to Liam as possible. With those final words, Max left trotting down the stairs back to the Slytherin Common Room.

Liam entered the dormitory expecting to see an angry Jason. To his surprise Jason was asleep which was good news for him but he knew he wasn't out of the woods with Jason yet. Today had been a train wreck. Liam literally saw Jason go from one extreme to the other. At first, he was depressed because Marissa wasn't giving him the time of day. Then he ended up rekindling with Mandy Macklemore and was sure he got cozy with her. Suddenly, Liam heard the door open. It was Max. Liam completely forgot about Max. "Where were you?" Liam asked Max. Max wanted to be snarky and pose the question right back at Liam. However, he figured that probably wouldn't be the best idea. "Oh, just catching up with some of the other Slytherins... Anyways, I'm tired. I'm heading to bed." Max said sharply. His heart was ripped out. He just wanted to go to sleep to temporarily forget about it all. Liam could tell something was wrong but he was over all this drama. He could tell this was going to be a long school year.
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Re: A Walk Down Memory Lane (Mindy)

Postby Mindy » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:27 am

Lexi’s unease grew with Liam’s reaction to finding out that Mindy and Cole heard anything at all. A small part of her had hoped he’d have some kind of answer. Perhaps he would say to throw caution to the wind and go ahead and let their friends know. All of those thoughts had been silly though. Of course he wouldn’t do that. It wasn’t even remotely sensible; nothing good would come of it. They weren’t nearly that serious in their relationship to test the strength of their friendships. “They grilled me right before I came here, but I avoided most of it. I won’t be able to forever though.” Nor did she want to wait forever either. Keeping a secret like this was unhealthy. Lexi was having more and more doubts about the situation. Perhaps it would have been easier to just ignore the entire situation and never have let it get this far.

“I’m supposed to go to Hogsmeade with Min, but I’m sure I can sneak away for a bit.” Hopefully. The lies were going to just keep building up on top of her. It was an unpleasant thought. Why would Liam put himself through this? Slytherins were far more unforgiving than Gryffindors and she’d have to deal with the grief for the rest of her time at Hogwarts. Lexi mentally shook her head. She liked Liam; dwelling on what her friends think of her wasn’t going to get here anywhere happy. If things worked out for her and Liam, her friends would have to get over it. She wasn’t an idiot; she wouldn’t date just anyone. Min and Cole should be aware of that.

Liam’s quick departure disappointed Lexi; she had hoped they would have more time to talk, but the kiss did send more butterflies into her stomach. Glancing around, Lexi began the trek back to the Gryffindor Tower as quietly as possible. The last thing she needed was to get caught by Filch or his cat. Hopefully Cole and Mindy would be asleep by the time she got into the common room; more confrontation was not on her to do list to end the night.

Mindy tried not to huff; it was a childish habit she had. Was this kid that dense? The fact that he didn’t want Lexi and Liam together put Lexi in danger of Max. Not that she wanted the two together either, but she rather help end this error in judgment on Lexi’s part on her own terms. Max had it wrong though; Lexi wasn’t weak. She chose her own battles. Apparently Liam was a battle worth fighting. It was something Mindy just couldn’t comprehend. “This has been going on since summer? Well, I guess that makes sense.” It made more sense than Mindy cared to think about. The two must have met sometime during Lexi’s vacation.

Pretending the final kiss didn’t happen, Mindy looked away from the couple. “Although I know Lexi can handle herself, I agree we need to keep this quiet.” Mindy didn’t want to deal with anymore drama. Even if she didn’t agree with Lexi’s choice in boys, she would defend her to anyone else that tried to stir up trouble. Mindy saw that Lexi was about to leave and took off much faster, hoping to be long out of eye sight and in bed by the time Lexi reached their shared room. Between getting to the dorm and getting ready for bed, Mindy had just enough time to get in bed and pretend to be asleep when Lexi walked in. Lexi always played it safe, taking longer to sneak around, but was generally much quieter.

Lexi quietly entered the dorm room, releasing a sigh of relief that she had evaded both Cole and Mindy. She wasn’t sure what the rest of the school year had in store for her, but she hoped it was better than what the year started out to be.
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