Dueling Club Rules and How-To

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Dueling Club Rules and How-To

Postby Fawkesflames » Tue Dec 22, 2009 3:45 pm

Dueling Club Rules and Regulations

The system is simple: turn based. One player is on offense and one player is on defense. That would be one round. If the player is HIT then a percentage of health is taken (defined by spell library). The duel ends when one player loses all of their health. The winner gains a point in Spell Library from winning the duel. Everyone would start at Spell Library LVL 1 (Maximum is currently lvl 5)

Character: Kira Verhexen
House: Slytherin

Health: 100%

Speed: 5 - Speed is relevant to an attempt to dodge as well as an attempt to cast a spell (speed roll plus cast/dodge roll)
Dodge: 2 - A player can attempt to dodge/shield an oncoming cast when defending, their dodge roll will be added to speed if dodging or cast power if attempting to shield.
Cast Power: 3 Cast power rolls will be added to either speed (when casting) or dodge (when defending).
Spell Library: 5 The Spell Library is currently posted in this forum. Spells will correspond to stat in that area. (ex. Kira has Spell Library of 5 so she can use ALL spells. Someone with 2 stat can use spells only from ranks 1 and 2). Each spell will have a damage stat. When a player is hit, that damage is taken from their health.

Now, how this works is fairly simple. It'd be dice based, and a prefect would be in charge of each match, rolling the dice for the duelers. Players would be given 10 pts to divide as they wish between the stats. When a roll occurs, their stat plus the prefects roll are added together. The player with the highest roll will win out in that specific area.
See the Example Thread for how it all works.

Specific Rules
1. Under no circumstances may a player use a spell that is not listed in the spell library nor may they use a spell that is not in their ranking.
2. All players start Dueling at Rank 1. Rank levels will be increased by wins, allowing for the use of more spells.
3. No player may use the same ranked spell twice with the exception of Rank 1. A Rank 1 dueler may not use the same spell twice in a row until they have exhausted their entire arsenal of spells at least once.
4. Level 4 and 5 ranked spells may only be used ONCE in battle.
5. All normal board rules apply in the dueling arena.
6. There will be zero tolerance for God-Moding.
7. Each player will post, in bold letters, at the bottom of their post, the spell/damage or shield/dodge they are attempting.
8. Players will only post once between the Prefect’s/Flitwick’s posts.
9. Prefect’s reserve the right to expel any student from Dueling Club if they break these rules.


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