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- To those unfamiliar with these types of forums, please understand that you create one account. Your account name should be your user name, what you want to be known as around the boards, not a character's name. We do not create separate accounts for individual characters. If you don't fully understand how this works because you've only belonged to RPGs which create separate accounts per character, feel free to PM your staff.

- Activity checks will take place at random and without warning. If you feel that you can carry four+ characters at once, then you should have an active thread with each. Those who do not keep up with activity will not be permitted to up their personal character limit while those who show their ability to actively write four characters will be granted the option to add another to their number.

- Due to the nature of the RPG, your character can be in different posts in different locations at the same time. I know it sounds like a “duh” tip, but it confused me when I was new. So, you can have a post with a character in the library and also have a post in China at the same time.

- All characters must be approved prior to play. Submit your biographies to the database for approval and await a PM. (Please note that posting with an unapproved character on the IC boards will result in a warning.)

- Replies to In-Character threads are expected to be at least two paragraphs. A continual lack of length and/or content will be addressed by staff. As a rule of courtesy, you should try to match the length of the person you are replying to.

- Another 'duh' rule: You must thoroughly read a thread before writing a reply. Someone has taken the time and effort to write for you. Respect that.

- Your Heads of House are to be respected at all times, regardless of disagreements or personal differences. Failure to do so will result in penalties such as loss of OOC House Points or, at the staff's discretion, warnings leading to suspensions or bans.

- All members are expected to participate in at least one IC class at any given time, so long as there is a class to attend. Professors reserve the right to deduct house points for attendance with Head of House approval.

- This is a PG-13 rated website. Keep all adult themes, such as sex, drugs and excessive violance, in the Adult Boards. Excessive use of foul language will be addressed and some penalties may be applied.

- Respect your fellow members. If you wish to fight or sling names, then do so off of the HPRPG. We will not tolerate cruelty in any form.

- Do not advertise websites without the appropriate permission granted.

- Do not reply to threads which have been designated for someone else, unless you have sought and received permission from the thread-starter.

- Be mindful of your spelling and grammar. This is a writing community and you are expected to keep netspeak off of these boards. Either put effort into your writing and show a desire to improve, or seek another outlet for your roleplaying where netspeak is permitted. It is not welcome here.

- God-moding is strictly forbidden. There is zero tolerance for God-moding and thus you should be prepared to receive heft penalties for breaking this rule. God-moding can be defined as someone writing actions/reactions for a character that is not their own.

- You are expected to read all of the rules of these forums. That includes all amendments and announcements.

- There are strict rules in place to keep all BC holders and appointed Professors active. You can find them on the Audition board.

Character Creation

- Each member is entitled to create up to four characters at any given time. If you wish to retire a current character and replace it with a new character, this is permissible. Do not exceed four characters without the expressed approval of your Head of House.

- For every three female characters, you must have one male. There are no exceptions to this rule.

- Mary Sue and Gary Stu do not belong at the HPRPG. No one is perfect, and we expect character profiles to reflect as much. Subsequently such profiles will be denied and staff will discuss with you their reasons for doing so.

- Unnatural eye, skin or supposedly 'natural' hair colors will be rejected. Your character may not have red eyes or green skin. Your character was not born with naturally purple hair. Please be reasonable. Hogwarts students all look like regular children and we expect you to all keep this in mind during character creation.

- Students who are attending Hogwarts must be from the United Kingdom. Different nations have different schools! Adults can be from any country the writer chooses. Children born in countries other than England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland would not attend Hogwarts. Period. That means children who relocated to one of the above countries prior to turning eleven would still not attend Hogwarts. No exceptions.

- Students must follow the Hogwarts dress code while at school. This means no abnormal hair colors, excessive piercings (one set of earrings in the ears), etc. Remember that muggle clothes, in the books, are uncommon. When the student is not attending school, then they can have as many peircings and all the green hair the writer wishes. If there is any question…ask.

- Students may not be animagus or metamorphmagus. Adults may apply for these things as a Special Ability. Remember, applying does not gaurantee approval and therefore you should not plan for an ability until it has been approved.

- Students attending Hogwarts must be witches or wizards…not werewolves, vampires, or any other creature. If you need to play one of these above creatures, seek out a Twilight RPG.

- Acceptible wand cores, at this time, are unicorn hair, dragon heartstring and phoenix feather. In the future, we may allow you to apply or win special wand cores. For now, please stay within boundaries.

- Ages for school aged characters are as follows:
o 1st year: 11-12
o 2nd year: 12-13
o 3rd year: 13-14
o 4th year: 14-15
o 5th year: 15-16
o 6th year: 16-17
o 7th year: 17-18
This means no 51 year old 5th years.

- Characters may not be related to book characters. You cannot be Harry Potter’s god son, brother, cousin, or anything else.

- Any rules that apply in the Harry Potter books, apply here.

- Characters may not have the same surname as any book character.

- Characters may not, under any circumstances, transfer in from another school. Don't even ask.
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