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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:12 pm
by Kaye
Ronan looked over his shoulder when he saw a flicker of light. There time was running out more rapidly than he had anticipated. Cursing, he turned on the servant who had claimed that Kat was not in her room. Elias darted down the hall before Ronan could say anything. Cursing the siblings and his ill luck in having to put up with them, Ronan turned on his heel and flew down the hall after him.

The door revealed no signs of forced entry. The room was a bit untidy from what Ronan assumed was her hastily packing to leave. The only problem was she was not there. Ronan walked into the room, looking around quickly. Wherever she was, she was not here. Cursing again, Ronan faced a hard choice and he knew it. He could either waste valuable time looking for her, or he could go with his instinct in that she fled without them and there was nothing they could do about it.

Turning to look back at Elias, he felt his stomach sink. He made his choice, but the choice for a brother was much more difficult. "I'm sorry," he said, meaning it even in his haste as he stormed over to the window. Below, he could see a crowd of people gathering, but it was not nearly as full over here as it was on the other side of the keep. Ronan placed two fingers in his mouth and gave a shrill whistle.

"Elias, I'm sorry about Kat," he said urgently, hearing a steady rise in the wind and knowing what it meant. "There does not seem to be a sign of struggle; it looks like she fled, and to be honest I cannot blame her for it." He kicked a box over as he walked, trying to plead his case. "We can't stay here any longer, Elias. They are coming; they are already past the front doors and you have no time to look for her. She has either fled or hidden herself, and if we do not do the same soon our lives are forfeit."

His hair whipped around as two gigantic wings covered the night sky in the window and one large, golden eye peered into the room expectantly. Their time was up. Ronan hurried over and pushed the window wide, hopped on the ledge, and flung himself onto Malakai's back. "Come on, Elias!"

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:50 pm
by Edmund/Gillian
Elias watched Ronan leave the room and instinctively followed - it was clear his sister was not there. And yes, they needed to leave. He hurried to the window, and no sooner had Ronan mentioned that the crowd had passed the gates, than Elias heard the sounds of voices, and heavy footsteps on the stairs. They were much, much closer than he had imagined. He whirled around to face whoever might be coming around the corner, but there was no one there yet. The sounds meant the crowd was close, but the echoes made them seem closer than they actually were.

He had no wish to argue with Ronan about leaving. In fact, the way Ronan said he was 'sorry' about 'Kat', Elias got the distinct impression that Ronan felt sorrier than he himself. 'She left me before,after all' he thought bitterly. 'Perhaps she's done the same thing now again. If so, good riddance. If not - if she is still in this house somewhere and I'm leaving her behind...' He thought, with a sinking feeling, of the echoes he heard against the ceiling and the walls, 'then the scores are tied. She should have seen it coming.' His chest was tight with rage, either against her or something else, it was hard to say. Then for a moment, out of the blue, he remembered the ruins he had seen that morning in his dream, or vision, or whatever it had been, of that beautiful wall, and the valley stretching out below, and a terrible drop of remorse seared into the mix, like a drop of water dropped into a hot pan of oil.

It only lasted a moment, though, and Ronan’s whistle brought him back to reality. He held on tightly to the strap of his bag over his shoulder, and squinted, as the wind swept in, blowing back Ronan’s long hair and covering over the sounds coming from the stairs and the halls. All at once a huge creature appeared, all wings and scales. He caught sight of an eye, but barely gave it a second thought as his friend leapt out the window and shouted for him to follow.

Follow he did, at least up to the window sill. But it wasn’t the height that stopped him, nor fear of the dragon - rather it was a sudden shout from behind him.


Elias turned around automatically in the window frame and froze, as did the small crowd that had appeared around the corner behind him, which now spotted him before them. There were five or six of them, men and women, stopped dead in their rush down the hall, just staring at him, and for a strange second or two he just stared back. Then a smile gleamed on one of their faces, the one in the front, a large man with a dark beard and dirty cheeks. No smile matched it on Elias. As if in slow motion, the man with the beard reached behind and retrieved something from his back, and -

Was that a crossbow?? Elias’ hand immediately fumbled his coat aside, awkwardly yanked one of his pistols from his belt, and aiming at the floor in front of the man’s feet, at his own ornate carpet, he fired one loud, hateful shot - it was reactionary more than premeditated, the way one would swat away a spider or wasp that was coming too close. The shock and the sound of the report in this echoing, enclosed place, caused even Elias himself to wince and shrink back for a moment, before re-steadying his arm and firing twice more. There were shouts and gasps from the crowd, but by the reactions of surprise rather than horror, he could tell he hadn’t hit anyone - only stalled them. He didn’t waste another moment, however, and before they could recover from what had just happened, he flung himself out the window and onto the dragon, behind Ronan. The shock of this last minute in his house was so great, that it was some time before he even was able to process that he was on a dragon, high up in the air, his house dropping down, down, below him, and by then they were already well on their way.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:06 pm
by Kaye
He was operating solely on instinct now; and right now his instincts were all telling him the same thing: get out of there. His flight or fight instincts were harnessed to a fine point, and at the moment all systems were screaming at him to go. He knew a lost cause when he saw one; they were outnumbered by at least three to one and had been caught off guard just before the dawn. Their chances of overcoming the swarm was too small and the risk too great; it was best to get out of there and come up with a different plan.

Ronan sat further up on Malakai's neck than he would normally; his legs were aching already from the scales rubbing against his breeches instead of the leather saddle he was accustomed to, and he knew right then that walking would be sore for a few days at the least. Still, bandy-legged and walking was better than dead. "Come on!" he called again when he saw Elias stall at the window. He could understand the fear of leaving a sibling behind; Ronan felt deep shame in not looking for Kat, but their time was out. The clock was striking the midnight hour and they were still locked in place, exactly where they did not need to be.

A bolt shot past him, missing his shoulder by inches as it whistled off into the night. Ronan's hand flew to his pistols, but Elias had already fired a warning round. Cursing their ill luck and mistiming, Ronan shouted for Elias to get on and leave. Finally, his words seemed to sink in, for his old friend jumped onto the dragon's back behind him and without a word Malakai flapped his enormous wings and took off into the growing light of morning, disappearing among the clouds moments later.

Breathing heavily due to the thinner air, Ronan looked over his shoulder at Elias to make sure his friend was still on; it took some time getting used to the great propulsion and movement of being on a dragon's back, just as much as it did when learning to ride a horse. Ronan was satisfied to see his friend was still there and unharmed; he turned his attention back to Malakai, urging him to fly a bit lower to make sure the air did not become so thin neither of them could breath properly. He did not stop the dragon until past midday when they had put a considerable distance between them and the old manor; only then did Malakia dip his head and dive downward, landing heavily near a small lake.

Stiffly, Ronan climbed off the creature's back. His legs had been rubbed raw from the scales and he was tired from the lack of sleep and the sudden need for flight. That could wait though. Wincing while he walked but doing his best to ignore the pain, Ronan made sure the area was secure; there were no farms or villages for miles, and the chances of them being found there were minimal at best. Satisfied, he walked back over to Malakai and Elias and took his bags down, letting them fall to the earth.

"So much for giving us the entire day to vacate your home."

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:34 pm
by Edmund/Gillian
Elias didn't put much thought into where they were going. Ronan clearly knew the gravity of the situation they were fleeing, and so long as he got them far away from there, Elias didn't much care where they ended up. It wasn't as if he had to worry about getting back home - he no longer had a home. He was officially an exile. So as they flew away from the manor, Elias didn't look down so much to see where they were going, as to dare himself to look down, to knock the awareness back into his senses and dispel the numbness of shock that was threatening to overtake him after such a hurried departure.

It mostly worked - needless to say, they were flying at a greater height than Elias had ever been, and the distance between them and the ground, and clouds in between, was dizzying. He felt a turn in his stomach and he knew from that that he was still alive, still breathing, still thinking. The wind whipped through his hair and he held on tightly with one hand, the other held his bag onto his shoulder.

When they finally began to descend, Elias could just make out a shining lake in the mid-day sun, as he squinted against the gush of wind flying by them in their downward plunge. Presumably it was far from anything he knew. He had found himself looking out every once in a while for the ruins and valley from his dream, but if they were this far they were probably in another direction - if they existed at all.

Ronan dismounted, and Elias followed. If it was time to rest, it hadn't come an hour too soon. Upon reaching solid ground, he immediately allowed himself to collapse on the ground and lay resting for several minutes, for the first time since all this had begun. After a while, when Ronan spoke, he turned over to lie on his back and dropped his arm over his eyes to shield from the sun. He gave a sigh in response, signifying he had been thinking of the same thing for a while now.

"But why would they have written those instructions if they hadn't meant them?" he asked tiredly, speaking out loud what he had been dwelling through in his mind for a while. "They could have just as easily given a shorter time limit, if they had wanted to. A few possibilities: either the letter was delivered late, or the mob that came to the house this morning was unconnected to the letter writers and either didn't know about the letter's instructions or disagreed with them. Or, they told us a longer time because they wanted us to be in the house when the mob arrived. I supposed it really doesn't make a difference."

He turned over and propped himself up on his elbows to root through his bag and see what food supplies had been packed for him, and what he would be living on, for however long was necessary. He paused, realizing there wasn't much. At least they were out of immediate danger, but he wasn't sure how long they could keep on the move. "Well," he said. "Where to next?"

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:58 pm
by Kaye
Home was an abstract concept to Ronan. His one home had been with his parents, but after the disease took them, what other home could he have? Home was where you sat to eat with your family, told stories, shared memories. He was so used to flying around from one part of the country to another that home just never seemed like something he would achieve, at least not in a normal sense. He could not imagine how difficult this had to be for Elias; that was his home, and he had to leave it all behind.

Flying definitely took getting used to. The enormous wings beating on either side of them created great gusts of wind and a loud wooshing noise that was impossible to ignore, plus they rose and fell several feet each time Malakai beat his wings, jerking their bodies up and down and forward and back all at the same time. He was just glad Elias was hanging on as well as he was.

As he had suspected, Ronan's legs burned. After sitting on scales for most of a day, he felt like the skin on the inner parts of his thighs were rubbed raw and that his breeches would need replacing after such a ride; nothing was harder than dragon scales, and he knew that the next few days would be nothing but a haze of pain and discomfort because of it. But he would push through it, like always. He was used to being battered and bruised. His new main concern was wondering how Elias would deal with roughing it a bit.

"I don't know," he said quietly, shaking his head. He walked around and gathered some dead wood; it was warm out and light, so a fire was not necessary, but he still felt that after a long night and a long flight a hot meal would do them both some good. He walked back over and placed the logs into a pile, stepping back as Malakai moved his great head around and snorted, sending a jet of fire from each nostril to ignite the logs almost immediately. Looking pleased with himself, the dragon curled back up, looking ready for a nap. "Either they wanted us to be lured into a false sense of security so they could take us in the night, or they have lost control of their own ranks. I'm not sure which would be worse right now."

Ronan sank onto the ground after he pulled the saddle bags off of Malakai's back; the dragon would no doubt leave to hunt soon to get his energy back, and it was best that they kept their supplies as close as possible in the mean time. He dug through his bag, pulling out some dried meat and a loaf of bread, shrugging. "I don't know," he admitted, placing the meat on a spite and dangling it over the fire. "That's the beautiful part of being an outcast, I guess. We don't have anywhere to go or plans for what comes next, except to stay alive."

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:26 pm
by Edmund/Gillian
Elias considered what Ronan had said - he wasn't sure which would be worse either. He smirked slightly, however, at Ronan's suggestion that all they had to do was to stay alive. He pulled a blade of grass out from in front of him and twirled it between his thumb and forefinger, watching it spin. Staying alive had never been a problem for him. It was almost impossibly easy. Duels. Riding. Countless stunts while drunk. And never a scratch, not really. It was almost ridiculous. No, if the past was any indication, he would have no trouble with that part of the plan.

He lay on his side, propped up on one elbow and forearm, listening and watching as Ronan built up a fire and talked as he worked. Even had he not been so exhausted, he wouldn't have known how to be helpful in the least. He had been hunting before, but had never been the one to gather wood for a fire, let alone make one. It was embarrassing, but he had to admit he was far from self-sufficient out here. At least he was already covered in mud, from... from where ever he had been.

That reminded him... He pushed himself up nearer to a seated position, propping himself on the palm of his hand now and dropping the blade of grass from his other hand. "Ronan," he said, seriously. "I saw dragons in the sky. With riders on them. This morning."