Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs (open)

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When I look away from the window I see that Lily has left and glance about quickly at the others in the compartment "Well it has been fun, but I have duties to attend to." I say matter-of-factly, standing and giving a small bow, then I leave the compartment. Troublemakers I'm sure. Will have to keep an eye on them. I make my way through the cars, glancing into the compartments to make sure everything's alright.

When I enter one of the cars I see none other than Bellatrix Black, I move in her direction and she in mine. I stop about ten feet away from her. "Bellatrix."

"Edward." And with that we move to pass each other "Freak" she mutters as we pass.

"Hag." is my only response, and we both continue on our separate ways. A few cars after that and I see the back of someone who after he speaks I can tell is Lucius from the voice speaking to someone who looks like a fourth year, and not exactly being a gentleman either. I open my mouth to speak up but knowing he wouldn't listen to me, I leave the car, going back into the one I was just in. I was near silent so his conversation would easily have drowned out any noise I may have made, and unless he suddenly grew eyes in the back of his head he certainly didn't see me. I take out my wand, and cast a few charms to alter my robes, then I morph to look as close to Bellatrix as I can if anything is off it's so very slight it wouldn't be visible without a very close inspection, I take out a small mirror and check my appearance very quickly to make sure I got it all right, then cast one final charm to make sure my voice is right. And the illusion is complete, just have to act like her and it'll be perfect.

I go back in, and approach the young wizard and his companion "Lucius, you can go on ahead, I'll take care of her, I'll teach her how everything works around here." I tell him with a malicious grin.
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