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Getting Lost is a Real Life Nightmare

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:25 am
by Mindy
Sophie Caverly was lost, plain and simple. Her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was starting soon and she had ventured to Diagon Alley with her parents for the first time. Getting to the area had been an ordeal entirely on its own; she had already gotten lost, with her parents, trying to find Diagon Alley. Once they found the area, her parents had to convert their British money over to an accepted currency. None of the new money made any sense. What on earth was a galleon? Its value had no meaning to Sophie or her parents. Why couldn’t the wizards just use the British pound?

How did everyone else manage? The children from magical families at least grew up with all of the overwhelming nonsense that currently surrounded the young brunette. There were others that grew up outside the magical community, weren’t there? It seemed incredibly unfair to throw all of this on a group of people who had grown up thinking they were entirely ordinary; shock was an understatement.

After venturing into Diagon Alley to get some of the strange currency, Sophie and her parents had wandered through the shops, trying to find everything on the list of supplies she would need for school. The most exciting thing she had gotten was her new wand; even now she carried it in her pocket to get used to having it with her at all times. Beyond the wand, it had been mostly books, parchment, and quills she had gotten. It was soon after buying the parchment and quills that Sophie had gotten lost. Diagon Alley had gotten busier and busier as the day progressed; at some point Sophie had gotten separated from her parents on the way to the next store.

Which brought her to wear she was now. At a mere 4’4”, she couldn’t even begin to see over the rest of the crowd to find her parents. Everyone seemed to blur by her; it put her into a bit of a panic, although she tried to hide it and keep her composure. She was unsure of what to do at this point; she didn’t have a cell phone to call her parents, not that she was entirely sure it would work anyway. They hadn’t set up a meeting point in case something like this were too happen, either; the whole ordeal of Diagon Alley had gotten to them so much that none of them seemed to have planned for something like this to happen.

The ever increasing stress was causing Sophie more and more problems. If only she knew someone in the magical community that could help her. Was there magical law enforcement? Most likely, but what did they look like? Everyone looked strange to Sophie, who was in a simple blue pleated skirt and gray shirt. Some people wore the same type clothing as she did, muggle clothing, but others wore robes that made Sophie feel out of place.

Dodging a group of people walking in the opposite direction, Sophie stopped outside of a random store, not paying attention to exactly which one it was. Perhaps her parents had already gone to the store that the three of them were heading too. What was the name of the store though? And which direction was it in? The young girl twirled around, her long hair fanning out behind her, hoping to catch the name of the store her parents most likely would be at. If she read the name, perhaps she would recognize it as the one she needed to go to.