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Re: We Need To Talk [Marisol]

Postby Skatie » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:32 am

"He's protecting me," Enna reiterated, still frustrated with him. She knew it was hard for Agustin to understand; the situation was quite far out of his realm of reasoning. He wasn't faced with the same challenges that Holden was facing. That didn't make him a bad person or less intelligent, it just meant that it was that much harder for him to understand. It was easy to assume Holden was making poor choices when one didn't see his intentions clearly.

"He treats me like I'm incredible all the time," she insisted. Just thinking about Holden made a smile sneak onto her face briefly. Agustin went on, though, making the smile fade again. "If your parents would disown you and lash out at the girl you were seeing? If the people you had associated yourself with for years would ridicule and torment her? You would subject a girl to that, Agustin? I don't want that. They aren't his friends, but if you haven't figured out by now how Slytherins work, you're never going to get this."

Enna's mouth was set in a hard line. She was tired of defending a situation that she felt was perfectly reasonable. She understood and she was thankful that Holden was shielding her from negative backlash that she knew she wouldn't be able to withstand. Her chest felt tight when he asked how she had met up with him. When she replied, her voice was hard, as though she didn't want to tell him because he was frustrating her, but she couldn't stop herself. "He lives just a fifteen minute walk from me. He came into the pub where I work."
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Re: We Need To Talk [Marisol]

Postby Quijotesca » Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:20 am

He frowned slightly. He didn’t get the whole idea, nothing about it made sense. Then again, he knew he had understanding parents, or at least to some extent. He listened to her, and nodded silently. It was true, he couldn’t imagine putting a girl through pain because of his life, even if he wanted to be with her.
“Yeah,” He said, tilting his head thoughtfully. It was hard to wrap his mind around it. He was afraid that Hoden wasn’t telling the truth, that maybe he was ashamed of Enna, and Enna was a dear friend. He wanted her to have someone to care for her all the time, not just in private. He sighed, not wanting to upset his friend any further and decided to keep his thoughts private.

“Okay, no, you’re right. I wouldn’t do that…” He admitted. He swallowed, keeping his mouth shut further on the subject. “You know,” he began, “I understand that. Only people where I’m from run away together,” He said with a chuckle. “My grandparents did that. My grandma’s dad didn’t want her to marry my grandpa, so he kind of stole her.” He laughed, shaking his head. “Not that I’m encouraging you,” he said quickly, “Just that I understand.”

“Yeah,” He said to himself, “I know how Slytherins work.” That was what he was afraid of. He sat back, looking at her and stretched, looking at the dying embers of the fire. “If you’re happy that’s all that matters,” he said. “I’m happy for you.” He didn’t say that he was afraid she’d get hurt, or that this Slytherin guy would be a total fake. He kept that to himself. Besides, anything he said only further frustrated his friend and that was exactly what he didn’t want.
“That’s nice,” he said in response to how she met him. “Make it easier for him to steal you away, right?” He asked with a wink, a grin spreading on his dark face.
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