An Open Letter or Complaints Against the Stupid

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An Open Letter or Complaints Against the Stupid

Postby Fawkesflames » Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:59 pm


Through the years I have encountered both sides of the Role Playing coin while traversing the stone corridors of my virtual Hogwarts. Somewhere between those that idolize me and those that despise me, I find people who are willing to lose themselves in a post with me. It's to those people that I offer gratitude and love that is beyond all the magic on these boards. This letter, for the most part, does not apply to you.

As for the rest of you, there still seem to be those among us who simply don't get it. I have addressed the following many times and in many different manners. Some things, I am told, do need repeating. I find that, once again, I feel the need to relieve myself of the unnecessary annoyances that come along with being Fawkes at the Foocow RPG.

I have been playing these characters for longer than most of you have known how to spell. I know my characters very well; because they are mine. I have written their histories, their personalities and their lives, not in a profile, but through years of taking on their persona and describing the world as they see it. The time that I've invested is precious to me and as such, I refuse to negate it by forcing my characters to act in a way that would be completely foreign to the person they are. I can't, even if I wanted to, force my characters to do things that go against their core ideals. So for Merlin's sake, please stop asking me to. While I realize that your characters are likely more mailable than mine, that doesn't mean that I'm taking this too seriously. It simply means that I've made a commitment to my creations and to myself and through that commitment I maintain my self-respect as a writer.

I understand that Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape are characters that I have been given the privilege of portraying and not completely of my own creation. It must be noted, however, that I have developed these characters far beyond what was handed to me by J.K. Rowling; Lucius especially so. I took a blueprint, nearly a cliche of a man, and fleshed him out over a period of years. I have done the same for Snape, though in less time and less dramatically. My portrayal of these characters may not be what you imagined them to be as you read Harry Potter, but I promise you that they are not being portrayed out of character.

No matter what fanfictions you read; Severus Snape is not interested in Hermione Granger, he's not a big softy under all that anger and there isn't a witch or wizard in existence that could 'fix' him. He doesn't want you to look beyond the sourpuss facade to see the sweetness inside, in fact, that sweetness is a figment of your overactive imagination and Snape would have no problem letting you know that. His consorts are paid for their services and the only woman he's capable of loving is dead. And here's a helpful hint: She IS NOT any of your characters.

On a similar note, Lucius Malfoy is NOT Casanova. He is a sadistic and terribly damaged man. His wife is, thankfully, damaged just enough to enjoy what he inflicts upon her in their bedchambers. He is not a tender lover that will woo the lady and steal her heart; he's the guy that date rapes her and leaves her in an alley to bleed out. He barely loves his wife, who allows him to do unspeakable things to her, so there's little chance of him falling head over heels for your character. If you'd like him to anally rape and then murder your character, sure thing! Love, however, is off the table.

Noel L'attrayant is a whore, no doubt, but that doesn't mean that there are no standards. He is a human being, no matter how flawed, and he's NOT willing to steal the innocence of an 11 year old. Aside from it being illegal in ALL civilized countries, it's far more disgusting than anything Lucius has done to Narcissa. At least they're both consenting adults! Noel is 17, an adult in this world, and has no sexual interest in children. He has his flaws but none of them are quite that wretched. Yes, he will fall in love with your character (if it's age appropriate) but no he will not be faithful or long-term. In fact, after a week or so your character will be old news unless they had a particularly memorable time together. At best he'll swoon about how he's in the deepest clutches of love with your character while someone else gives him a blow job. Stop asking if he can be a traditional, faithful boyfriend! This is a permanent character flaw which means that months and years from now, he will still be a confused sex addict who can't distinguish love from lust.

In short and concise terms; my characters are NOT able to become a different person based on your whims. Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape are not loving, tender bachelors in need of a soft woman to cuddle. Please stop offering. Noel L'attrayant is interested in all MEN and WOMEN, not children. Within the pages of Foocow, these fictional characters are quite real to me and your marginalizing and tweaking of their character offends me. I will no longer hold my tongue when I'm approached with this rubbish. You've been warned.

To Be Continued...

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